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School Holiday Workshops


There are two programs.


The Rock Experience is for those without any prior experience, and the Band Program is for those with at least one year of experience on their chosen instrument or singing.


The Rock Experience


If you don’t already play an instrument, we’ll get you rocking out! You will be put into a group of other children who are also beginners, just like you.  Over four days, you will be rotated around the rooms to receive individual instruction from each of our expert tutors. Our team will show you how to play all of the typical rock instruments – electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. You’ll also learn how to mix and record great tracks, and what makes a band sound good.


$30 per hour each (minimum three participants)

$65 per day

$220 for four days.



The Band Program


If you have been learning to play an instrument for a year or more and can play a few songs, or already have some experience singing in a band or choir, then this is the program for you. You will be put together with 3 to 5 others around the same age and level of experience to form a band. 


$30 per hour




Day 1


Form a band and choose a name. Receive expert tuition on your instrument and what goes into making a band sound great.


Day 2


Rehearse a song or two as a band, directed by one of our expert tutors. 


Day 3


Learn about how to compose a song. Your band can have a go creating an original song! Learn how to record tracks onto computer using recording software. Learn how to “overdub”, how to mix separate tracks, add sound effects, and achieve really cool sounding recordings. Make recordings of your performance to see how you can improve.


Day 4


Today will be devoted to getting your songs sounding good for the concert in the afternoon, where your parents and friends can witness the rock star in you! You will learn how to set up sound equipment for live performances, and how to present yourself on stage. An audio recording of the concert will be made and recorded to CD.