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How it works




There are two programs. One for those without any previous experience, called THE ROCK EXPERIENCE. The other, called the BAND PROGRAM.




You will have a go at playing electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, playing some really easy rock songs. You'll experience what it is like to sing and play in a band, and to hear being played back on recordings.  You will be shown how to compose your own music onto computer based recording equipment.  See PROGRAMS for more details.




Participants with a year or more experience are grouped according to age and level of playing. Appropriate songs are chosen to suit the ages and ability levels of participants. Each practise session is recorded to listen to for improvements to be made. The final day concert is digitally recorded to make a CD to take home.  See PROGRAMS for more details.


All band tutors are qualified and experienced carers of children with up to date and current Working With Children checks.  See BAND TUTOR BIO'S for specific details of band tutors.